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Natco's computer repair services aim to reduce costly downtime and keep your systems running smoothly. We offer a one-on-one consultation for every client which enables a more personal response to your problem. We will always run a thorough diagnostic and be sure to explain the problem to you in terms you understand. As part of our conversation, you will be made aware of the possible solutions, the estimate for each option.


Laptop & desktop hard drives, USB or firewire, external hard drive, network storage drives, tape drives, floppy drives, DVDs, CDs, flash drives, iPods, MP3 players, PDAs, SD Cards, digital camera cards, & cell phone memory cards.

Laptops are more like a lifeline since they provide a secure connection from your home to work, carry vital data like documents and presentations, and are really made to be an office on the move. If you have problems with your laptop like a corrupted operating system or a loss of performance, we can help. We’ll evaluate your components, run diagnostics, recommend upgrades, and replace parts as necessary. With a large inventory of replacement parts, we can quickly address anything from malfunctioning peripherals to motherboard replacement or repair.

We repair laptops of all brands and models including names like Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway and many more.

 Laptop Problems We Repair

Power problems such as constant rebooting, inconsistent power, not able to boot at all, battery charging issues, or overall power management. We can also fix or replace hardware such as connectors, jacks, circuits or batteries.

Screen or display problems which include dim picture, color distortion, scrambled video, dark screen, white screen, or no display at all.

Hard drive malfunctions such as constant crashes, not able to boot, lost data, corrupted drives, bad sectors, or a non-detectable hard drive.

Motherboard problems which include on board devices and issues like circuit problems, video chips , and sound cards.

All kinds of physical damage like something spilled on the laptop, dropped machines, broken screens, busted hinges, worn connectors, or insurance claims.

Software and operating systems issues that would include poor performance, repeated freezing, blue screen errors, virus infection, spyware installation, and registry corruption.

A myriad of other issues such as problems with your keyboard, mouse, touchpad, other USB devices, battery, memory, and unreadable drives like CD’s or DVD’s.

If you don’t know what the problem is and the manufacture or tech support can’t help, give us a call.


Supporting both PC’s and Macs, Natco’s highly experienced technicians can fix hardware problems, software issues, or any other problem you may have.
With knowledge, experience, and industry leading troubleshooting tools, you can place complete trust in the services we provide.

Natco is ready for any situation. Not only do we keep a large inventory of standard desktop components and replacement parts, but we also stock new and used desktops for immediate replacement of your system, if needed. We will transfer your data from the old computer to the new one. To stay ahead of emergency repairs, contracts are available for systematic equipment service including regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.


Did your friend send you an email with a nasty virus attached? Maybe you picked up some spyware while web surfing? Let Natco scan, identify, and remove the bugs in your system. We can help with all areas of your computer by addressing viruses, spyware, malware, spam filtering, security software installation, and registry cleaning. Constantly updated on malicious software and trends in the security industry, we are prepared to act fast.

 Security and Repair Examples

Removing viruses, spy ware, malware, and pop ups on your PC, Mac, Laptop, Server, or Network Drives.

Spam removal or installation of spam filtering on your desktop or email server.

Hardware and software security implementation, especially firewalls, on your workstation, server, router, or entire network.

Making sure your registry is clean which includes correction of all registry errors and corrupted entries.

Updates to your browser, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software.

Troubleshooting and diagnostic testing to keep your system running at peak performance levels.


A stable and secure network is absolutely vital to any business. Whether you have an emergency or you need continued support, Natco is available. Our extremely experienced team will work with your file servers, exchange servers, web servers, email servers, DNS servers, workstations, NAT, routers, firewall, etc to ensure your network stays running.

From simple home computing to a large, complicated business network consisting of several hundred workstations, we have the knowledge to address any need.  We can be your one stop shop for complete IT service and consulting.

Clients and Businesses Supported

Any business whether it is large, medium, or small which includes public agencies such as hospitals, schools, departments of government, and non-profit organizations

Businesses within the private sector including medical offices, dentists, restaurants, law services, accounting firms, insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, real estate offices, retail locations, travel agencies, construction companies, and many more.

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